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Flavoured |Coloured | Novelty Condoms

Play safe and play fun with the range of flavoured and coloured condoms 
PlayBoy Strawberry Condoms 12 Pack PlayBoy Strawberry Condoms 12 Pack

Playboy Strawberry Lubricated Condoms are made from premium quality latex and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. Each Playboy Lubricated condom h..

£10.49 £13.99

Skins Flavoured Condoms 12 Pack

4 different flavoured condoms Mint, Bubble Gum, Banana and Strawberry. 3 of each Quality latex condoms, lubricated with a reservoir tip..

£10.49 £13.99

Sweet Rider Strawberry Latex Condoms 3pk

Strawberry flavoured condoms 3 condoms per box..

£2.99 £3.99

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