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Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find blogs on guides from our sexpert walking you through the steps you need to take in finding the right sex toy for you or trying something new!

CHERRYGOLD May 16, 2019

Sex Toys Taboo?

Are sex toys still a taboo subject? Do you talk openly with your partner about sex toys you want to try out and sex toys you have? Or do you shy away from it and keep the toys well hidden? In today's advanced world it is interesting how sex toys have evolved and how vast the market has become, one w...
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CHERRYGOLD May 16, 2019

Vibrator Buying Guider

So much choice! When you are inundated for choice it can be a little overwhelming! Therefore we aim to provide a simple guide to choosing the best vibrator for your needs, there are lots with different function, sizes, waterproof and more so plenty for us to discuss! ...
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CHERRYGOLD April 23, 2019

Cleaning And Caring For Sex Toys

With the vast amount of products available there are also a vast amount of materials they are made from, this therefore means there may not be a simple one product fits all solution when keeping your toys clean, this guide helps to inform you of how to take good care of your sex toys, to keep them h...
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CHERRYGOLD May 01, 2018

G-Spot Female Toys

Interested in hearing more about the G-Spot Female Toys? Well your are in the right place, as we try to explain the magical G-Spot stimulation ...
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