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Enjoy reading our sexpert blogs with lots of information on the subject of sex to inform you and give ideas for in the bedroom..or elsewhere!

CHERRYGOLD May 16, 2019

Sex Toys Taboo?

Are sex toys still a taboo subject? Do you talk openly with your partner about sex toys you want to try out and sex toys you have? Or do you shy away from it and keep the toys well hidden? In today's advanced world it is interesting how sex toys have evolved and how vast the market has become, one w...
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CHERRYGOLD May 01, 2018

G-Spot Female Toys

Interested in hearing more about the G-Spot Female Toys? Well your are in the right place, as we try to explain the magical G-Spot stimulation ...
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CHERRYGOLD April 23, 2016

Anal Sex Guide

Many people have strong opinions about the act of anal sex and the various reasons for this no-no attitude may be attributed to hygiene, a feeling of deviation and strong religious or political beliefs. Anal sex, however, can be enjoyable and be fulfilling to both partners, if done correctly, but al...
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